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    Display problem

    When I run my program it asks for the food and drink total but after I enter the amount and hit "enter" the program just ends. I just want a little help as to what I'm doing wrong please.
    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    int main()
        double FDT;
        double tax;
        double tip;
        double GT;
        cout << "Enter the food and drink total:";
        cin >> FDT;
        tax = FDT*0.07;
        tip = FDT*0.18;
        GT = FDT + tax + tip;
        cout << "\n************************";
        cout << "\n*";
        cout << "\n*      Bill Calculation  ";
        cout << "\n*";
        cout << "\n* Food and drink total:" << FDT;
        cout <<"\n* Tax at 7%:" << tax;
        cout <<"\n* Tip at 18%:" << tip;
        cout <<"\n* Grand total:" << GT;
        return 0;
    Thanks a lot for your help, greatly appreciated.

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