Thread: problem with const member function and returning *this

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    problem with const member function and returning *this

    I'm reading a book and doing an exercise where I just basically add some members, one of which is a const member function. It returns *this and I have it just like it has in the book, but it's giving me an error

    class Screen
    		typedef std::string::size_type index;
    		Screen(index h, index w, std::string c) : 
    					height(h), width(w), contents(c){}
    		Screen &move(index, index);
    		Screen &set(char);
    		Screen &set(index, index, char);
    		const Screen &display(std::ostream &os) const //error
                      { do_display(os); return *this; }                     //
    		Screen &display(std::ostream out)
    				{ do_display(out); return *this; }
    		void do_display(std::ostream &out) {out << contents;}
    		std::string contents;
    		index cursor;
    		index height, width;
    The error is as follows
    Screen.h:21: error: passing `const Screen' as `this' argument of `void Screen::do_display(std::ostream&)' discards qualifiers

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    Make do_display const too. You can only call const functions from other const functions.
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    so basically if a const member function also calls a non_const member function, I get the same error. Which is basically the point of const members to begin with, gotcha.

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    Yup. You're on to it.

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    Yup. And a very powerful language functionality.

    I have caught many errors at compile time by being very generous in my usage of the const keyword. Basically, const is your friend.
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