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    You mean the C++ standard. As far as I know, C doesn't have namespaces, so you wouldn't have to worry about using directives, now would you?

    I don't particularily like it either, but I think it's preferable to using namespace std.

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    Of course it is preferable. It has the merit of at least not defeating entirely the purpose of a namespace.

    If there would be something to wipe out of ones memory, that something would be using namespace std.
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    Quote Originally Posted by l2u
    This will allocate P, but how to allocate new datalist.
    Like you do: datalist *temp = new datalist();
    Still no-one answered me?

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    Can't say as I've ever dynamically allocated space for an object of a templated class, but I expect it would be something like this, assuming type t will be type double.

    datalist<double> *temp = new datalist<double>;
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