Thread: Casting in functions params

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    Casting in functions params

    I'm trying to do something that I remember having seen somewhere, though I can't remember where I saw that... I try to pass in a function an object that's not yet defined, I don't know how to explain it, but I believe it has something to do with constant casts...

    struct foo
    	int a, b, c;
    	foo(int d, int e, int f)
    		a = d; b = e; c = f;
    void func(foo obj)
    	//Something with the "obj"...	
    //Under main:
    func( (foo){1, 2, 3} );
    //Or something that'd give the same result:
    foo OBJ(1, 2, 3);
    func( OBJ );
    I saw something like that somewhere, I know that it convert the "array" to assign it to the variables defined in the class that is kind of "casted"... As if a "foo" object was defined directly in the sent params, as you would simply do with any number constant...

    How can I achieve to make "(foo){1, 2, 3}" works? Is it a cast, const cast, or an overloading of constructor or whatever? Because I think it may not be an overload, if you don't initially have an instance var of that structure... Or there is some concept I am mixing up... Casting "(foo)" doesn't create an instance of that structure, right?

    Thanks in advance.

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    What you want is to do:

    func( foo(1,2,3));

    which does create a temporary (unnamed) foo object, and passes that to the function.

    It's not a cast. It's calling the constructor as normal, and making an object.
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    Haaaaa.... It was just this, I was sooo close.... Thanks Cat!

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