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    i'm stuck

    I have a program disk which has a (has a ) relationship with segment. I need to write all the segments stored in the disk to a file, but I'm able to write only the first element in segment instead of all the segment elements contained in disk.

    here is a partial code from the disk program.
     #include <stdio.h>
    #include <string.h>
    #include <ctype.h>
    #include "disk.h"
    disk::disk(int num_of_segments, const char* mode){
    	sgm_ = new segment[size_];  //initializes num_of_segments in a disk
    	for(int i=0; i<size_; i++){
    	if( strcmp(mode_, "w")!=0||strcmp(mode_, "a")!=0){
    		strcpy(mode_, "w");
    	printf("the mode is set to %s, and the #ofsegments is %d\n", mode_, num_of_segments);
    	sgm_ = new segment[20]; //initialize 20 segments in a disk
    	for(int i=0; i<20; i++){
    	size_=20;  //keeps track of how many are initialized
    	count_=0;  //keeps track of how many are added
    	strcpy(mode_, "w"); //initialize disk access mode to w
           delete[] sgm_;
    const char* disk::get_mode() const{
    	return mode_;
    segment disk::get_segment(int pos) const{
    	return sgm_[pos];        
    int disk::get_segment_count() const{
    	return count_;     
    const segment* disk::get_all_segments() const{
    	return sgm_;              
    int disk::access (const char fname[]){
    	int char_count=77;
    	int actual_count=0; //just to pass the tests.
    	char c;
    	//printf("the file name is %s, and the mode is %s\n", fname, mode_);
    	if(strcmp(mode_, "w")==0){
    		printf("sgm to be written is %s\n", sgm_);
    		fp=fopen(fname, "w");
    		fprintf(fp, "%s\n",sgm_);
    		fp=fopen(fname, "a");
    		fprintf(fp, "%s\n", sgm_);
    	fp=fopen(fname, "r");
    		if(c!=' ' && c!='\n')
    	return actual_count;        
    I can't seem to return all of the segment array elements in this fn ->const segment* disk::get_all_segments() const. to be written to a file. I was hoping someone could shed light on how I might possibly solve this problem.

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    sqm_ is a pointer to an array of segments, to read or write all segments you will need to loop from sqm_[0] to sqm_[count_-1] and perform the correct operation on each. The C++ way to do this is to overload the segment types ostream << operator and istream >>. keeping with your mixed theme you would probably want .read(FILE *) and .write(FILE *) methods to be added to segment.

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    int disk::access (const char fname[]){
    	char c;
    EOF is an int value - you can't store it in a char.
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