Thread: command line parameters problem...

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    command line parameters problem...

    Hi, I am trying to get this program to take some command line arguements like -l for logging. The problem is my program does not seem to think argv[4] == "-l". Here is my arg check:

    /*Check args*/
        if(argc < 4 || argc == 5 || argc > 6 || (argc == 6 && argv[4] != "-l")){
                cerr << "Incorrect set of parameters(" << argc <<") Usage: sqltest new_file.txt [-load|old_file.txt] database.db [-l log.txt]\n";
    and here is my input:
    sqltest NEW.txt -load new.db -l logfile.txt
    I removed this from my if statement:
     (argc == 6 && argv[4] != "-l")
    and it worked so I am pretty sure I am missing something about comparing command line args to const char*. The same thing is happening when I check argv[2] for "-load" as well.

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    You're looking for strcmp.
    If I did your homework for you, then you might pass your class without learning how to write a program like this. Then you might graduate and get your degree without learning how to write a program like this. You might become a professional programmer without knowing how to write a program like this. Someday you might work on a project with me without knowing how to write a program like this. Then I would have to do you serious bodily harm. - Jack Klein

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    Or if you use the C++ string class:
    std::string(argv[4]) != "-l"

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