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    Undeclared class

    Hey guys. I just started a few minutes ago working on a project and I think I've hit an interesting problem. I'm trying to use a friend's idea and make pure virtual base classes and inherit from them to make portable versions (i.e. you make a windows_gui_object or unix_gui_object inherit from basic_gui_object and such). However, I think I've hit a design flaw, here's the code:
    namespace gui
    	class basic_gui_object;
    	class basic_gui_surface : public basic_gui_object;
    	class basic_gui_object
    		virtual ~basic_gui_object();
    		virtual void Render(basic_gui_surface*) = 0;
    		void SetPosition(int, int);
    		int x, y;
    		static std::list<basic_gui_object*> ObjList;
    The compiler complained that it didn't know what basic_gui_surface was, so I pre-declared it but then, since basic_gui_surface inherits from basic_gui_object, it complained about basic_gui_object not being declared... so I pre-declared basic_gui_object as well and now it complains about basic_gui_object not being defined... I've tried adding braces at the end of each pre-declaration and -- of course -- I have defined basic_gui_object (without defining Render(), indeed). How could I fix this annoying problem ?

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    You only need to declare basic_gui_surface as

    class basic_gui_surface;
    It's the basic_gui_surface definition that needs the derivation list.
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