Thread: where is standard namespace?

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    where is standard namespace?


    In the context of

    using namespace std;

    where is the location of the standard namespace.

    I know that when you use #include<iostream>
    the iostream is stored inside the VC98\Include folder.

    Can the standard namespace be located in those kind of terms.

    Any related information appreciated

    Mark S.

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    Do you know what a namespace is? A namespace is a scope wrapper that you can put around your code to distinguish it from other variables with the same identifier. It looks like:
    namespace foo {
    // My foo code
    All standard library classes and functions are placed inside of the standard namespace. Thus you can either qualify all instances of identifiers from the libraries with std:: or you could do as you showed and use the using directive.
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    The standard namespace (or std) wraps the whole of the standard library facilities. It is thus spread through several libraries (consequently files).
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