Thread: Multidimensional struct array help

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    Multidimensional struct array help

    It's been a long time since I've sat at the computer as a programmer, so pardon me if this is programming 101.

    What I've got is an array of structs, something like this:

    struct Note
        int nPitch;
        int nDuration;
    Note noteMelody[4][10];
    1) I have a function that writes random data to each member of each struct in the array. The question is, how do I pass the struct to this function? Do I just need a refresher course on calling by reference?

    2) Can I adjust the size of the array at runtime?

    3) Is there a better way to do this than an array of structs? The thing is, each row of the array is one continuous chunk of data (as interpreted) - much like a train. So, I'm going to want to be able to swap, say, position [2][4] with [3][4]. Is this a job for linked lists?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

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    You can use a vector instead of an array.

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    1) Just use the same declaration for the parameter as you did for the variable itself: void foo(Note noteMelody[4][10]);

    2) Not with that kind of array, at least in standard C++ (gcc has an extension that might allow you to do that). You'd have to use a dynamic array, although I agree with Mario F. that using vector is a much better idea than using a dynamic array.

    3) Perhaps, but better could mean a bunch of different things. I would just start with a vector of structs. You can swap elements in a vector or array easily if they are copyable like your struct is.

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