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    Question ´compiler compatibility´

    Hi there!

    I am new to c++ programming and I have followed some
    courses, but a few things are confusing me. I have to solve
    some complex problems (finite element analysis) in the
    future and I don´t want to reinvent the wheel, so I
    searched for some freely available ´header files´ (right?) to include in my source code. I found some really interesting
    files but they seem to be specifically written to compile with
    borland 4 compiler. I had allready started working with
    dev-c++ and the compiler which comes with it, so now I
    am wondering if I should get the borland compiler (another
    question: do i have to get version 4 or will the latest
    version also do fine?). I don´t get it in the first place: do
    you have to write specific c++ code for every different

    Thanx for helping me out!


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    The Borland compilers are very close to the C++ language standard, so if the source code works with it, then it should port fairly easily to most other compilers (provided they are also reasonably close to the standard).

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