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    Question Bloody recursive thing

    How are ya!
    Anyway, I've just begun learning programning and I was trying the whole recursive program tutorial. I dunno what the problem is but every time the recursive function returns an integer to main it changes into 30866468. Here is what I got:
    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    int recursion (int x, int y);
    int main ()
        int num_user;
        int num_result = 0;
        cout<<"Input a number\n";
        cin>> num_user;
        num_result = recursion(num_user, 1);
        cout<< num_result;
    int recursion (int x, int y)
        y *= x;
        if (x == 1)
              return y;
        recursion ((x - 1), y);
    Thanks for any help.

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    > recursion ((x - 1), y);
    return recursion ((x - 1), y);

    A good compiler would tell you that you could return without a value.
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    gcc, which you probably use, for some unfathomable reason requires you to specify the -Wall command line parameter to do that.
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