Thread: Does anyone has a better print (on paper) syntax?

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    Question Does anyone has a better print (on paper) syntax?

    ok, i've actually posted related question.
    but the question that was asked in here is different.

    I wanted to know, does anyone has a better way of printing the RAW text onto a paper with c++?

    the previous method i used doesn't seems to work on every printer and pc.
    worst, it sticks only to LPT1 (coz i dont knw USB).

    may all the lords of C please help me.

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    Go GUI with your program and use the MFC API:
    If you understand what you're doing, you're not learning anything.

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    Yep... you might have to use the Win32 API. (You don't really have to write a full GUI program).

    Some printers (like my Canon) don't understand plain ASCII text. This means that you have to use the printer manufacturer's supplied Windows driver. You "talk to" the printer driver via standard Win32 functions. (My printer won't work with DOS applications.)

    The same is true of the USB port. The USB port always requires a driver, and again the supplied Windows driver works with the standard Win32 functions.

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    so i guess using pure unmanaged c++ to print is not going to be a bright solution afterall.

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