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    Removing *Unchanged* Output File (ofstream) :: C++


    I am working on an interesting and simple problem. A program I am working on initializes an ofstream object. It does calculations (arbitrary) and writes to the output file. The problem is sometimes it writes new data and sometimes it does not. I am currently using a bool to make sure if it does not write new data, then it should remove the output file when it finishes. There is one false assumption. I am assuming the output file is always empty. That is not true because the output file is openned with "ios::app," which is appending mode. The program sometimes remove files that are not empty.

    I tried using the empty() function, but it does not work for an ofstream object. I would like to know the best way to check to make sure an ofstream object is *empty* return from the a end of class or before the program closes.


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    Hmm try this code to check if an ofstream object is empty

    ofstream output;
    // do stuff here

    filebuf * FileBuffer = output.rdbuf();
    if ( FileBuffer->sgetc() == EOF )
    //the first char is EOF so the file is empty
    //file is not empty
    FileBuffer = NULL;
    if you delete the file make sure do set filebuffer to null

    I dont have a compiler to test that out right now, but i think it should work

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    Okay. Thanks.

    I implemented the seekp() and tellp() method. It works flawlessly.


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