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    Lightbulb Light Gun Programming

    Hey there.

    I'm facing up a little bit of a challenge here.
    Has anybody ever programmed to make a light gun work.

    I don't have any idea where to start and I can't find some C/C++ code for the USB port or code for Light guns.

    Any help would be tremendously appreciated.
    Thank you

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    email the light gun manufacturers and ask if they have any developer resources etc.
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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    This is my understanding of how light guns work.
    When you press the trigger, a signal is sent to the program.
    Then the program draws the screen all black, and draws the targets in white.
    Then once the screen is drawn like this, it uses the reading from the photosensor in the gun to tell if it is a hit or miss. Then quickly redraws the screen back the original colors.
    I think that came from

    Now that i know this im tempted to break out my old nintendo, and zapper and shine a bright light at the gun and see if i hit the target or not

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