Thread: How do i use Goto?

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    It is widely accepted that using GOTO is bad programming practice. But, that doesn't mean you can't use it.
    The great thing about programming is that there are many ways to do things.
    I have never written a program that has used GOTO. I was taught it was bad practice and have yet to encounter a situation where it was necessary.
    It was common to use in old languages like COBOL and commonly created spaghetti code. However, programmers are equally capable of writing unintelligible code without it.

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    golfinguy, I applaud you. That was exactly the point I was trying to make while also describing exactly what goto is and why it is considered bad. I couldn't care less whether anyone uses it or not, what I care about is everyone dictating to new programmers not to use it at any costs...that's just wrong. I try not to tell others how to program, instead I offer my suggestion and recommend that they research the alternatives. This is the way to teach, show them how to teach themselves.

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    This again!!

    I'm surprised Salem has not yet posted here.

    I'm not even getting into it this time.

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    Thanx Unregistered, I was just trying to say that it is a method that can be used. It is rarely neccessary but it still good to have in the arsenal.

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