Thread: who has made simple searching engine?

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    Unhappy who has made simple searching engine?

    now im making a searching engine for 30G data of the BBS of my school,disregarding complex sorting function.

    the way how this programme works is obvious and i made it,which works well and fast.however how to make the index file fast,becomes a very hard difficulty.

    on a 3GHzCPU,1G Mem PC,its very hard to make a index file fast(in a few hours) for a 10G data,which will be obvious if u think about it a little more.

    any one has made this thing before?could you give me some tips?


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    Creating the index file is something which only happens once, or at regularly scheduled intervals.

    It's the looking things up in the index which has to happen quickly.

    How do you think google manages to search X billion web pages in <1 second - very good indexes and saved popular searches I would imagine.
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    All index "files" I developed where for websites page searches. It always involved a database to store the indexed strings. Unless you can come up with a faster way to access indexed data, then I suggest you think database.
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