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    ofstream << LPCTSTR

    I'm writing a hooking program through Microsoft's Detours. I've hooked the WINAPI call CreateFile and am calling my own function before redirecting the information to kernel32.CreateFile. Here's what mine looks like:

    __declspec(dllexport) HANDLE WINAPI MyCreateFile(
    LPCTSTR lpFileName,
    DWORD dwDesiredAccess,
    DWORD dwShareMode,
    LPSECURITY_ATTRIBUTES lpSecurityAttributes,
    DWORD dwCreationDisposition,
    DWORD dwFlagsAndAttributes,
    HANDLE hTemplateFile)
    myfile << lpFileName;
    return CreateFile(lpFileName,dwDesiredAccess,dwShareMode, lpSecurityAttributes,dwCreationDisposition,dwFlags AndAttributes,hTemplateFile);

    it works, but the problem is that myfile (a pre-opened .txt) is filled with hex gibberish, like:


    I'm assuming it's actually printing the address pointed to by lpFileName. I've tried dereferencing like so:

    myfile << *lpFileName;

    and the new output is numerical gibberish:


    any ideas?

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    I would guess you're compiling with UNICODE defined (which isn't a bad thing)

    In that case, you should use std::wofstream, or alternatively convert the wide string to multibyte (look at the wcstombs function)
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    You should in fact use basic_ofstream<TCHAR>, so that it always matches the strings you use in the API.
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    perfect, thanks!

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