Thread: how do I make visual studio 2003 compile?

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    Question how do I make visual studio 2003 compile?

    It's been answered to me before, and I had the answer written down on WordPad until my computer's memory was wiped out. Also I haven't used the information in a while so I forgot the answer.

    The question is this-when I am using Visual Studio 2003 to compile something in C or C++, how do I get it to stop saying "unexpected end of file while looking for precompiled header directive"? I know I need to turn off a setting that makes the compiler look for those directives, but I don't know how to get to the thing that lets me turn it off. Thanks ahead of time to anyone who answers this question.

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    The setting is in the project properties, under C/C++->Precompiled Headers.

    When you create a new project, switch to the Application Settings tab and check the empty project checkbox so that precompiled headers will be turned off from the start.

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