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    need your opinion

    Well I am currently learning C++ (takes time to learn, from what I've seen so far). I decided to buy a book that teaches both win32 and Game Programming (direct x, etc) in one. I thought about getting that other book Tricks of the Windows Programming Guru (or something) but I've heard that the book has a lot of bug in the codes or something, and also the book seems to be a little bit outdated like 3 years old. So I decided to buy Isometric Game Programming With Directx 7.0, this books claims to teach you the basics of win32 and direct x, what's your opinion of this book. Even though I already ordered it it can still be cancelled, so I need your feedback on this.

    PS: I am a beginner and so I need a beginners book and I am planning to move on to that book after I finish the book that I am currently reading.

    Thanks in advance.

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    35,873 has a big list of book reviews

    Compare the reviews to the books you have and compare with your own experience to judge how much the comments are worth.

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