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    Question Basic file volume divider

    I am familiar with VB but new to C++.. I am trying to write a file volume divider console program.. I am stuck in the buffering syntax can anyone help me?

    At the console, program may work in the following syntax;

    C:\ProgramName FileNametobeDivided EachVolumeSizeinKB PiecefileName

    Program starting... Determined filesize of FileNametobeDivided is XXXXXXX KB..

    Dividing FileNametobeDivided into XX pieces

    Piece 001.. File Name as PiecefileName001.ext
    Piece 002.. File Name as PiecefileName002.ext
    Piece 003.. File Name as PiecefileName003.ext

    Which class should I use for basic bufffering,, What must be the syntax ?
    some code may be helpful... thanx
    Also pseudo-codes will be appreciated...

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    You should really study C++ quite a bit before trying to write anything that handles audio... =/

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    I think you have misunderstood..
    There is nothing related with audio in anyway......

    I have already constructed the program.

    anyway I have solved the problem I think.

    By the way this is a file splitter program..
    It splits a file into pieces....

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    The intros to those tutorials should give you enough to be able to read and write bytes.
    The rest is just loops and counters to make sure everything goes to the right place.
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