Thread: problems with including headers

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    problems with including headers


    I have 2 headers in my program that have classes like:

    //header 1
    #include "header2.h"
    class headerone {
    	headertwo *sth;
    //header 2
    #include "header1.h"
    class headertwo {
    	headerone *sth;
    I get compiling problems. I would put them together, but I want to keep familiar stuff together. What would be the best way to solve the problems?

    Thanks a lot

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    Write the class in header file and include it in your cpp file.
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    You need include guards

    #ifndef DATA_H
    #define DATA_H
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    You also need to use a forward declaration. Since you are using only a pointer to the other class, just forward declare it instead of including the other header.

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