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    Well if mathmeticians are as insane as philosophers, then math is mostly truth but partly insane as it is the product of insane people. ...Math wasn't that bad until India invented algebra and made mathematics completely abstract. Making the real unreal is DEFINITELY crazy.

    Since a diamond is a rhombus and a rhombus is a shape, and shapes are geometry which is also math, we can talk about insanity and technically be on topic.

    That was awesome to type.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prelude
    >... but that sounds too much like objectifying programmers, which can only be bad ...
    However this is the C++ forum, therefore objects and things that are object-oriented are good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian
    I believe this fulfills all the requirements:
    Taking that route, I'd shorten it a bit.
    #include <iostream>
    int main(void)
       std::cout << "      *\n    * * *\n  * * * * *\n* * * * * * *\n"
                    "  * * * * *\n    * * *\n      *\n";
       return 0;
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    it's two triangles, just do the opposite for the top that you did for the bottom.

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