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    problem to compile

    can someone help me?
    i have one problem that i can't compile my program
    when i compile in ms dos it show g++ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch
    i hope you all can help me!!
    thank you

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    Unless your in *nix, then g++ isn't a command that you can just use anywhere. In Windows, first make sure you have it on your computer, then navigate to the folder in the command line, then you can use it. Or, better yet, you can use one of the many free IDEs that use g++ such as Dev-C++.
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    You can also add your mingw installation\bin path to the PATH environment variable........ you should add your mingw installation\bin path to the PATH environment variable
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    Depending on what version you have, the executable might be called gpp.exe, not g++.exe. DOS compilers, such as DJGPP, often have gpp because DOS can't handle a filename with + in it.

    It's far more likely that you just aren't in the right directory or it isn't in the path. With the default installation directory, try this:
    C:\>cd Dev-Cpp\bin
    C:\Dev-Cpp\bin>g++ --version

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