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    Question 2d to 3d: Image processing

    I need to synthesise a 3d mesh from two or more 2d images taken from different angles.
    I tried googling 'obtaining 3d mesh from 2d images' and similar phrases. It did'nt really help.
    Can some who has previous experience in the area of image processing please help me by suggesting some key words to start with and some useful sites.

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    It's by no means a trivial problem, the general field is known as Computer Vision, with your particular problem known as scene reconstruction. Most problems involving multiple images and scene reconstruction revolve around the stereo correspondence problem.

    By all means go for it, play with it, and when you get done, you will be a good part of the way towards a nice doctorial disertation.

    The cheap way to do this is to do the correspondence part yourself by writing a program that display's pairs of images and storing a vertex for each pair of clicks.

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    now Realise,Stuff is too advanced for me; but any way I start with the links you provided
    Thank you...

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