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    class deleting itself

    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    class Foo
            void Destroy();
    } *global_foo;
    void Foo::Destroy()
        delete global_foo;
        cout << "Still here..." << endl;
    int main()
        global_foo = new Foo;
        return 0;
    What should happen when I run this? Because it runs without errors, but I'm not sure wether it's valid to do this. I mean, shouldn't the object be deleted after "delete global_foo"? Which means "Still here..." shouldn't be displayed right? But it is. Any possible side effects I should know of?

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    Nothing is going wrong. The fact that you deleted global_foo is still true, but you can print as many messages as you want. It has nothing to do with freeing the memory that global_foo points to.

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    I think what you wrote is fine and legal because the object is only needed to call the function: not to do what's inside it.

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    This is basically this. I mean. Haha.

    [16.15] Is it legal (and moral) for a member function to say delete this?

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