Thread: newb question: dynamic variable names

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    newb question: dynamic variable names

    I need to have a loop that goes an undefined amont of times, and each time creates a new variable with a different name, i.e.

    variable(x) = 54
    variable(x) = 13
    where x will increase by one each time.

    The problem is that I dont know how to use a variable in the name of the variable itself when declaring or accessing it.

    Of course any suggestions for other methods that will have the same functionality would also be helpful.

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    As long as all the variables will use the same data type (like all ints as in your example), then you can use vectors.
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    Use a dynamic array, std::vector would be appropriate.
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    What you are looking for is scripting language functionality. JessyCat is right, if you can have them all be the same variable type you can use vectors.

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    Use a vector container.
    #include <iostream>
    #include <vector>
    int main() {
       std::vector<int> myVariables;
       int currVar;
       std::cout << "Enter numbers seperated by spaces. Press ENTER to stop." << std::endl;
       do {
          std::cin >> currVar;   // Not bothering with validity checking
       } while(std::cin.peek() != '\n');
       std::cout << "You entered the numbers: ";
       for(std::vector<int>::iterator i = myVariables.begin(); i < myVariables.end(); i++)
           std::cout << *i << ' ';
       return 0;
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    There is no way to alter variable names in source code from source code. You can't run a loop to alter a variable name you have declared.

    So if you want 20 strings, you either use an array or a container.

    It is a good thing you cannot alter source code from source code and compile it.
    You can open your source code as a text file and then insert what you want, and then run the compiler on it, but that's not what you are doing here.

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    Thanks for the suggestion, I will try it out.

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