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    Heap corruption errors

    I've had one person test my new editor and he has reported that at times he gets heap corruption detected errors.

    I've received this error one time during debugging, but assumed it was due to previous errors and/or MSVS IDE.

    I'm using MFC as a shared DLL and not using any threads. I have looked on the net along with Shakti and I cannot for one find anything in my code that would cause this issue?

    If std::allocator for maps, lists, vectors, etc, fails - is it not supposed to assert instead of allocating the memory for the new object? And if it did allocate, this would not cause a heap corruption but moreso a memory leak?

    Any ideas?

    We found this:

    But I'm not programming for Windows CE.

    I believe I have found the problem:

    However I'm not using explorer style dialogs.
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