Thread: Custom Vector template: Want to create erase/clear function

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    Custom Vector template: Want to create erase/clear function

    Alright, so it's been about a hour since I have been dwelling on this problem and I still do not have a solid plan how to implement this.

    Here's the entire Vec class, it's a light version of the vector class:

    I can read the entire code fine, but having difficulties of understanding its behavior/reaction, the cause of this problem I believe.

    Basically, I have to create the erase/clear function for this class, and every attempt I had gave me template related warnings.

    My plan was to create another Vec<T> object and use the copy algorithm to copy the elements of the original from its beginning to the element before the element that needs to be erased. Then I would use the push_back function to copy the rest of the data after that excluded iterator into the new Vec<T> object. Apparently it doesn't work >_>

    I don't need nor want a copy of the code, but more of a direction

    Oh yes, the warning is:
    warning C4996: 'std::_Uninit_copy' was declared deprecated
    You have used a std:: construct that is not safe. See documentation on how to use the Safe Standard C++ Library'

    This comes up everytime despite the fact that the code is directly from the book, Acclerated C++ except for the main().

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    You are using Visual C++ 2005.
    That warning is a compiler specific warning. Microsoft decided to provide alternatives to some of the standard C++ functions that they consider dangerous and inform the coder of every instance when the so-called unsafe (and yet standard) functions are used.

    Click the warning and F1. The help system will instruct you on what exactly it means and how to turn it off.
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    Thanks, that warning casted doubt on my attempts of creating those member functions. Still, anyone can still provide some helpful tips

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    It's been a day and now I understand how it feels for a person to understand what they were told and have no clue how to practically use it : p

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    Well I solved it, however, I'm afraid there might be a memory leak specifically in the second allocated area that this function temporarly created.

    Is there?

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