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    >> Pop[index][11] = Pop[index][1]
    This part is wrong. It should be:

    then Pop[index][11] = 1 and fitness = 1.

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    Perhaps i should have been more clear, but yes.

    If the if statement is true, then Pop[index][11] = 1,

    what i need to know is does this part work as intended:

    (Grid[x-1][y] == 1)

    ie Grid[4][5] equal to 1

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    >> (Grid[x-1][y] == 1)

    Well, if x=5 and y=5, then it should work as intended.

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    if (Grid[x][++y] != 1 && Grid[x][y] != 0 /*|| Grid[x][y] != 3*/)
    This is a really bad idea. Although, due to the fact that && and || are sequence points, it will actually produce predictable results, it is still hard to read and thus hard to maintain.
    Just increment x/y first and then do the test.
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