Thread: converting c code to c++, the foreach statement

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    converting c code to c++, the foreach statement

    So I need to make use of a library which is written in C and I'm having a little trouble integrating it with c++. Anyhow the code makes use of a foreach statement but it seems to not get along with c++ that well, I've found numerous different pages explaining how to use the foreach in c++, unfortunately none of them work. Anyhow this is what theirs is looking like, this is c code mind you:

         do some more stuff; blah blah blah
    My code looks the same, which is probably a problem as mine is c++. I get 2 different errors and I can't deduce what is causing each, an "error: FOREACHvertex not defined in this scope" and "error: vertex not defined in this scope". So if someone could explain the foreach I guess that would help loads, or point me to a page that gives the correct explanation. I'm using g++ and I have a premonition that the syntax might be slightly affected by compiler.

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    I guess FOREACHvertex() might be a macro, so you could just replace it with
    for (int i = 0; i < vertices; i++)
    Or you could take a look at for_each algorithm .

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    Turns out it's neither, FOREACHvarname is actually an explicitly defined function, that only took forever to figure out, if I understood better I'd explain more. Thanks anyhow.

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