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    Test questions for!

    1) What is the header file used in programs that mix C and C++ I/O?

    a) stdio.h
    b) stdlib.h
    c) stdiostream.h

    2) A member function can be declared static if it does not access _____ class members.

    a) public
    b) private
    c) non-static
    d) global

    3) How many public sections are required in a class for the class to be useful by a client program?

    a) 0 b) 1 c) 2 d) 3 e) more than 3

    4) Is the following code fragment correct? Yes or no.

    enum cars{Ford, Chrysler, GM} make;
    make = GM
    cout<<"Car is "<<(int)make<<endl;

    5) What does the following code fragment display?

    int temp[5] = {10,19,23,8,9};
    int *p;
    p = temp;
    for(int i=5; i<15; i+=2)
    cout<<*(p+ (i%5))<<endl;

    a) 23 10 9 8 19
    b) 10 23 9 19 8
    c) Nothing because it won't compile
    d) 9 19 8 10 23
    e) 23 9 19 8 10

    .......more questions to come. thanks for the help.

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    These are not homework, but study questions for a challenge exam. I can not find them in my book and the website where the answers are located has been down for a week. I am just asking for help for the questions that I can't find. School isn't even could they be homework questions?!?

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    So what have you been doing all semester instead of paying attention? I don't even know C/C++ but I do know a few of those questions.

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