Thread: Advice on storing a password

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    Advice on storing a password


    I need my program to store a password, in a file. And the program is going to be open source.

    So baring in mind the encryption algorithm will be easy to obtain, the security rests in the key. With this in mind I am unsure what the best option to use as the key would be, without the user entering a key. I considered using basic XOR on the password using the volume serial number as the key, but this does not seem good in the long term.

    Any ideas on what a decent way to do this would be?

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    Only store an encrypted version of the password. Then you would encrypt user input and compare that. That way it is reasonably difficult to crack: they would most likely be reduced to decrypting the stored password by hand.

    I'd also write this kind of thing in a binary file so you avoid writing the password itself in the source, and it isn't legible by humans.

    ...It's a reasonable start.

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    You could use some hash algorithm like SHA (SHA2 variants are recommended for high security applications) to hash the password; reversing the hash would be difficult. You wouldn't need to store the key anywhere: there is no key anyway. You can then store the hash in the binary without much problem.

    As always, ask your user to supply strong passwords in the first place, and use salts.
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