Thread: When to move on?

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    Question When to move on?

    I'm just looking for some advice from some of the more experienced programmers around here.

    My question is, when do you think is a good time to move on into windows (api to be specific) programming? I have a good handle on most of c++, but i'm wondering if I should be completely "mastering" it before I go on to windows coding. I would like to start atleast dabbling in it, but I don't want to do it too soon.

    Any advice or opinions would be appreciated, thanks.

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    If you understand or can figure out what's going on, go for it.

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    As long as you have a good understanding of concepts such as virtual functions, constructors, function overloading, and inheritance you should be fine.

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    I think the other two have good ideas. As long as you think you're fluent with DOS, you can figure out just about anything. But make sure you know about object-orinetation really well.

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    Thanks for the advice

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    Salem, can this be moved to the FAQ. I asked this a little while ago and remember seeing it multiple times on the old board.

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