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    Quote Originally Posted by lilhawk2892
    i swear to god if one more person does the "like"thing,i only did it once or twice

    and how would i limit down my code then
    Loops and functions.

    For example, write a print stat function for whenever you need to print the stats.

    Or for a more OO aproach, make the stats a class, and have a print meathod.
    It is too clear and so it is hard to see.
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    Or overload the << operator.
    class myClass {
            std::ostream& operator << (std::ostream& os, myClass& mc) {
                os << a << ' ' << b << std::endl;
                return os;
            int a, b;
    Something along these lines. I haven't done this in a while.

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    Quote Originally Posted by citizen
    > and how would i limit down my code then
    You need to learn the 80/20 rule. One application is, "If your program does anything useful 80 lines of code accounts for 20% of what it does." You can not apply this literally, but as we've been saying you can not expect every application or game to work in <100 lines of code. In fact, most don't.
    eh? WTF are you talking about? the 80/20 rule states that 80% of the execution time will be spent in 20% of the code (although in reality it's often closer to 90/10).
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    The 80/20 rule has many applications, but I bended the principle to say what I wanted to say. I explained what I was talking about. And 90/10 is improper.

    edit: I dp not intentionally give wrong advice. I'm wrong a lot. However, I simply have to explain things in a different way because thinking is hard.
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    errr its ok i didnt understand it anyways...

    thank you i didnt even think about that even though ive been using functions for everything else...ill make that

    oh and im already up to 124 lines in about 1 minute of the game running lol.i expect easily a couple thousand XD

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