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    Exclamation Fatal error: No space left on device

    When I attempted to compile some of my script that I edited, I got the error: "Fatal error: No space left on device". When I undid the changes I had made, I still got the same error.

    What "device" is dev referring to?

    Please help, August.

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    Compile some of your script that you editted? I'm going to take the compile part of that statement and assume the rest until you explain what you mean better.

    What is giving you the error? The compiler or the OS? I'd imagine the "device" is either your RAM which is being used by other processes or the disk your saving to. How much RAM isn't being used and how much memory do you have left on your disk? If the answer to both is plenty, then I'm not sure what that error would be. To me it sounds like it was unable to build because there was no room for the executable on the disk.
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