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    C++ & system programming

    I have a small project : "access all Partitions of hard disk,find all the files have tail is *.EXE. Then display them as menu drog down. Program allows use keyboard and mouse to control,select the files from menu. After select a file, must show information of file as : created date, attributes, size file...."

    What I want to ask here is :

    1. Documents about system programming with C++ (or about assembly language that can add on a program C++),with them, I can examine with myself.
    2. How to control mouse with C++ environtment?
    3. How to access the partitions of hard disk to find files...!
    4. Final, have what the ways to show information of file on system ?

    thanks ! please help me...(with the way that I can do with myself)

    sorry,my English is bad!
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    1. or

    2. write a win32 api program.

    3. partitions have drive letters, if your computer has a partition that does not have a drive letter (e.g. it has linux installed on it) than your program will not be able to access it.

    4. with a win32 program you can put all the information into a gui list box, which will handle all the arrow events for you. Since there could be hundreds or thousands of files that you need to display, simply printing them on a console window is not a good idea

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    thanks everybody !

    I'll try ! And then,I'll notice result for everybody! hope it's good!

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