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    the function I use is something (I'm doing this from memory, so it's likely there are mistakes!), like this:

    bool GetFileInfo ( string FileName, string &FileInfo )
        ifstream in ( FileName.c_str() );
        if ( in )
            string Temp;
            while ( getline( in, Temp ) )
                FileInfo += Temp;
                FileInfo += "\n";
            return false;
        return true;
    it's VERY handy if you have a program which uses a LOT of file IO. I did a Book/DVD/Music Catloguer the other day, and I think I used that at least 12 times. I have it as a bool so that I can have it in an if statement in my main program, like so:

    string Destination;
    if ( GetFileInfo( "MyFile.txt", Destination ) )
        cout<< "the file is as follows: " << endl
            << Destination << '\n';
    else cout<< "Error in opening the file";
    instead of having to do the function millions of times.

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    Another alternative is take much of Twomers' code and turn it into a handy-dandy logging class. That way one class has control over the entire file handling. Not to mention with multiple threads it would be possible to make it thread safe-er. Start it up once during the program runtime, shut it down once, and you are all set. You can flush the output stream for "on-the-fly" updating.

    Also, on destruction, you could handle fileclosing so you don't constantly hit the disk opening and closing all the time.

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    I dont know whether this will be of any use however i made a file editor not so long ago here is the source code for it though there is no comments on it sorry bout that:

    Also there are a few bugs in it that i keep meaning to get rid of but never really done it however it works!
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