Thread: Opening a telnet or SSH connection

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    Opening a telnet or SSH connection

    I am looking for a way in C++ to open a telnet or ssh connection from a windows machine. I currently am using a very old and deprecated system for this inventory system at work. Unfortunatly I am stuck with the system, but would like to create a nice front end with c++ to make some things easier to do and add extra functionality.

    From a linux box I think I got the session open just using the system command but that of course doesnt work on windows. I can use telnet so I suppose system(telnet should work however I am also considering piping from my program into a Putty ssh client.

    Using the system() command to open a telnet, how would I actually send the commands? And if I use piping to work with the Putty client can I pipe commands to the client? Example: It is a text menu driven system and the first menu has 2 entries, 1) products 2) reports. So normally I would just hit "2 enter" to get to the next menu. Is it possible to pipe something like that? i.e. pipe << "2\n"; ?

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    Wierd, this was posted almost a year ago with no replies ?
    I am also trying to learn how to telnet to a device, do a few things, telnet to another, so on...posted today 4/11/2007

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    > Wierd, this was posted almost a year ago with no replies
    Weird, yet another poster who hasn't read the forum rules.
    No wait, that's not weird at all, that's par for the course.
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