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    Question #includes

    Does anyone have/know of a program or macro that will go through a project and determine which #includes are unneccesary??

    i.e. it comments them out one by one and makes sure things still compile, if they don't it uncomments them... At then end you have only the necessary #includes and all of the unecessary ones are commented out...

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    Lint usually manages this task

    Here are two varieties

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    Salem is correct, usually if you have a "smart linker", it only includes those portions of those libraries whose routines are actually called.

    Some lower quality compilers don't link 'smartly' this way. hence 'Hello World!' might generate a 200K object in C++.

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    generally you can do this yourself

    generally you can do this yourself if you dedicate some time to it, the tools salem gave are fine but one costs you a lot of money and the other is pretty strict ANSI-C (no C++). If you simply learn to include files as you need them you can avoid this problem usually though. (unless your project gets really big)

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