Thread: Pixel perfect 2D collision detection with Allegro

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    Pixel perfect 2D collision detection with Allegro

    Hi all,
    I'm struggling with implementing pixel perfect 2D collision detection for my simple 2D game. I'm also using Allegro, if that helps.

    I know what the basic algorithm is, but... is there a way for me to use allegro to simplify this?

    I have sprites loaded from bitmaps, but I rotate them according to the way they're facing (360 degrees are possible) I've also created a parallel list of mask bitmaps with black for where there's background and white for where that pixel is part of my character.

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    You might want to look at some sample source for collision detection. I don't use Allegro, but I know there are several SDL libraries that do this.

    [edit] You might try google, if you haven't already: [/edit]

    [edit=2] This should probably be in the Game Programming Forum. Nothing you can do about it now, though. [/edit]

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