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    Could someone tell me how I should use the rand() function when i want a random number within an area.
    If I want the rand function to return a random number between
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    Look in the board FAQ...

    ... here.
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    I know in assembler there is an instruction to get a random number. I'm not sure what it is, but if you can't find anything else, you might want to look into it.

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    Heres how

    int main()
    int bob;
    bob = rand()%6;

    would output something between 0 and 5
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    i think i know what you mean

    If you want a lower bound like 100 and an upper bound lets say 300 you could do this

    PHP Code:
    and if you had set high and low to the appropriate values you'd have a random number every time between 100 and 300

    I have a real nice class for this purpose which allows larger random numbers to be created (email for the class, i dont want to post it into the public domain just yet)

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