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    Libraries and functions

    hello everyone, im new to this forum, and to c++ programming too. i found couple of good tutorials, but the thing i would really like to find is a manual, or some document, where i can find a list of all the libraries (headers, i dont know if they are same thing, but im refering to the "#include <iostream>" part) and the functions they contain. also posibly descriptions for those functions.

    i like to learn a language after some point all by myself, by experimentig with different functions and stuff (i learnt other languages like this, so i think i can do something similar with c++).

    by the way, im using devc++ compiler/editor, and its really good, but the problem is that its help file doesnt contain almost anything ... maybe if u know where to get a big help file with a list of all commonly used headers, and functions they contain i would be grateful

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    You should check out the C++ Book Recommendations thread.

    For online resources, I suggest:
    SGI's Standard Template Library Programmer's Guide

    Oh, and you could search MSDN.
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    Maybe google "C++ Standard Library" or "C++ STL".
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    Well, any basic tutorial or book will give you all the information you need about that standard libraries. For specific details about all the standard functions, I like this site:

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    Here's the MSDN Standard Library link.

    Dinkumware is another good reference.

    The only book that covers the entire C++ Standard Library is the actual C++ language standard. You can get a PDF copies of the C and C++ standards from ANSI for about $20 each, or in printed form for about $300.

    Note that these references only cover Standard C++. There are lots of additional non-standard headers & libraries (i.e. <windows>.

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    k, tnx for replies guys, will get onto learning it right away

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    >>The only book that covers the entire C++ Standard Library is the actual C++ language standard<<

    There's the The C++ Standard British Standards Institution Book.
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