Thread: Media Centre Coursework.

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    Media Centre Coursework.

    hi guys, just a quick question! im planning on making a media database program for my 'a' level coursework. question is; how difficult would it be to implement a way of playing the media (mp3, wmf) from my program.
    e.g. is there a certain codec which can be made or slotted in nicely to allow my program to play the selected media on its own?

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    Well, I'm sure there are libraries out there that can be used to play an mp3. The problem, though, is that none of them will be standard, and I'm sure your professor wants standard code. So, to be blunt, no it won't be easy. You'd basically have to program an mp3 player yourself.
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    Sly is right. It won't be easy.... Probably not that much code if you use an existing codec, but it will require a fair amount of research and study. It might make a good "summer project" after you've finished your class.

    Assuming you're on a Windows system, here's an MSDN link about using codecs. It's a little outdated, but it should get you started. For more updated information, download the Platform SDK and the DirectX SDK from MSDN (or seach MSDN).

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