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    Unhappy Including Files

    I want to know how to include .exe files in a Borland C++ Application AND display it ( A.K.A. Running it ) . I know how to manipulate the data and edit it with C++ , but it doesn't run and display in the same fashion.
    Also , I want to know how to make that as an interface , meaning I want the user to be able to choose which program he wants to run and then close the program and start again. This would make my life soooooo much easier rather than making a library includes. They Suck.
    I think that C++ in school sucks... especially Oriscak...

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    Not sure what you are wanting to do. To execute child processes in C look up the spawn() family of functions. As for the libraries and their appropriate headers - I'm not sure I understand. You have to create libraries, headers, DLLs (Windows), etc. This is one of the best things about the language. Libraries allow you to write reams and reams of code once and then put them in a library so you can use that code in just about any project. Don't see the problem here or I'm misunderstanding you.

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