Thread: Passing a pointer to a member function

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    Passing a pointer to a member function

    I'm new to C++ and I"m not sure how to work my way around this problem.

    I have a function that takes another function as its argument

    function(void (*)(...))

    I'd like the function that I'm passing in to be a member function of another class, but when I try and pass this member function in like this,


    I get an error that says

    argument of type `void (someClass:: )(...)' does not match `void (*)(...)'

    So I'm guessing it wants a void* to a function. I just don't know how to set that up. Hope this description is specific enough.

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    unfortunatly you can't pass a pointer to a non-static member as a function pointer.

    There are ways around this though. have a look at the tutorials
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