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    Some Ideas

    Any ideas for a simple program, possibly including some simple classes?

    I like writing things that actually accomplish tasks rather than just show that you can use certain pregramming techniques.

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    write a program that will catalog all your cds and movies, then randomly select one so that you can play it.

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    Out of scope
    You should also be able to sort that catalog by name, genre, and release year as well as add to and remove from the catalog.
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    try writing the program in a modular way. Write the core functionality as a library, then try exposing different interfaces to it. The two obvious ones are command line (easiest) and GUI (try to use a cross platform toolkit like wxwidgets), but if you're feeling adventurous you could also try creating it as a client-server app that you can access remotely or expose a scripting interface via boost.python.

    Think about the component interface you want to expose.
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