Hi to all, I'm new here, I'm Italian so, sorry for my orrible english....
I'm here because this is the best community around internet, the italian one is orrible and the usere rarely help you!

I've to do a case of study about a little postal office...

I have to implement a simple list, a queue and a stack

I have already implement the simple list with all the method class I need...
So the first part is done...

But now i have BIG problem with a queue....

I have to implement a queue list, that take in input a string name, surname and a number (this all are part of a class already created and used in the simple list).

This list must be dynamic,and possibly with pointer...

I don't know how to start!!!

This is the class I have in input to the queue (I don't have to insert all the item of the class only name,surname, and postalnum)
class client {
       char name[20];
       char surname[20];
       int age;
       char sex[6];
       char financialnum[16];
       char postalnum[5];
       client *next; //pointer to the next element of the list
this is the Push method of class list:
class list {
	    clienti *head;
		public :
		list ();
        void push (char*n, char*c, int e, char*s, char*cod, char*cc);
void list:: push(char*n, char*c, int e, char*s, char*cod, char*cc) {
				 client *p= new client;
				 strcpy (p->name,n);
				 strcpy (p->surname,c);
				 strcpy (p->sex,s);
				 strcpy (p->financialnum,cod);
				 strcpy (p->postalnum,cc);
char*n,Char*c...... are taken from the keyboard in the main()

I want that, when I insert a new input in the class queue, the element I've insert in the class list, must not be deleted...
Because if in the queue I insert the postalnum I have to output on the screen all the info I insert in the list for the client that have that postnum.

The MOST IMPORTANTE Q is: How can I do a QUEUE?please help me....

thanks in advance