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    I have spent a few days on this already...

    I am using _beginthread and _endthread, but I cannot correctly set the priority.

    !!!Does someone have a simple example of how to use SetThreadPriority???

    Currently I am trying to check if the function fails and it always does so I get extended error information, by calling GetLastError.

    The hard part is an arg needs to be handle to the thread. But the thread I run are of type void __cdecl. Even after recasting it the SetThreadPriority fails with GetLastError returning "inappropriate handle".

    Thank you!

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    Doesn't beginthread return the handle you should use for SetThreadPriority?
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    FYI: This code is being developed in MS Visual C++ 6.0.

    I use the function with a void argument and void return. According to MSDN the function uses __cdecl calling convention and should have no return value.

    uintptr_t _beginthread( 
       void( __cdecl *start_address )( void * ),
       unsigned stack_size,
       void *arglist 

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