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    Question A small question...

    I've been dealing with binary files and i was wondaring if there's a way to read data using only unKnown structs.
    I'm using that code to deal with binary files:
    struct User{
    int a;
    User IUser_data;
    User OUser_data;
    fstream username_file("admin.bin",ios::binary|ios::in|ios::out); 
    	username_file.write((const char *)(&OUser_data),sizeof(User));	
    	username_file.close(); char *)(&IUser_data),sizeof
    if there's a way to load it like this:

    struct User{
    User IUser_data;
    fstream username_file("admin.bin",ios::binary|ios::in); 
    OUser.a=1320; char *)(&IUser_data),sizeof(User));
    I'll be glad for any comment.

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    what I would do is first write the size of the binary block as an binary int (or long) followed by the data, that way the reads always know the number of bytes written
    unsigned long sz = sizeof(User);
    username_file.write((const char *)(&sz),sizeof(unsigned long));
    username_file.write((const char *)(&OUser_data),sizeof(User));
    // read
    struct User{
       unsigned long size;
       unsigned char* data;
    User u; char *)(&u.size),sizeof(unsigned long)); = new unsigned char[u.size]; // assuming this is a c++ program  
    username_file.write((const char *)(&,u.size);
    That will get the binary blob into ram, from there you can typecast it into any structure you want, provided of course the blob does not contain pointers that point to other places in memory. If it does then those pointers will not be valid and will have to be reset.
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