Thread: Inputing Character Data

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    Inputing Character Data

    I have an RPG game and I want to be able to load a character's stats and map position into the game from a text file.


    HP: 4500
    MP: 800

    Strength: 200
    Vitality: 300
    Agility: 100
    Magic: 80

    Defense = 600
    Damage = 400

    Magic Damage: 160

    Stat Points: 5

    Location: 5, 5

    Any help is appreciated.

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    So what's your question?

    My question is why are you attempting something as complicated as writing an RPG when you haven't mastered the basics of parsing a text file for information.
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    I've done something similar recently.
    This is how I did it...

    1. Read each line as a string into a vector.

    This is easy. This can be done using getline(cin,string), then vector.push_back().

    2. Read the first word of each line.

    This isn't difficult either. Just check if the first word is something you recognise.

    stringstream ss( line );  // include <sstream>
    string firstWord ;
    if ( (ss >> firstWord) ) {
      // see if word is something you recognise
    else {
      // there are no words on this line; ignore
    3. If the first word is something you recognise, read the rest of the line into values.

    if ( firstWord == "HP" ) {
      int hp ;
      if ( ss >> hp ) {
        // we got the health points
      else {
        // error
    My suggestion is not to use =, : or any other characters to delimit strings. Just use spaces.

    HP  400
    MP 300
    Stat Points 5
    Location 2 2
    Hope that helps.

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